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Joint Organisations

"Working together for regional communities"

Joint Organisation – Council Secure Portal

Joint Organisations are new local government entities with legal powers established by proclamation designed to bring regional and rural councils together for better regional outcomes.

The principal functions of a joint organisation are:

  • Regional strategic planning and priority setting
  • Intergovernmental collaboration
  • Shared regional leadership and advocacy

Additional functions may be adopted including the delivery of grant programs, shared services or overseeing arrangements, such as bulk procurement.
The joint organisation network is made up of 13 joint organisations, comprising of 85 member councils. Ninety per cent of rural and regional councils belong to a joint organisation.

The Office of Local Government has prepared a range of materials to support new joint organisations and their member councils as they commence operations.

This portal will contain up to date information and resources on joint organisations, including –

  • Guidance material, fact sheets, media releases and maps
  • Contacts containing details for representatives from the Office and Local Government and the Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Funding Guidelines for Establishment Funds
  • Share space designed to encourage the sharing of best practice and information amongst joint organisations